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Winter Home Maintenance Checklist for Seattle Area Homeowners

It's that time again – time to mark your home's winter maintenance off your to-do-list. With colder weather approaching, it’s more important than ever to make sure your home is protected against harsh winter conditions. Our winter home maintenance checklist will help prevent future damage to your home and increase safety for you and your family.



Don't forget to schedule a technician to service and clean your furnace. When your furnace runs at max efficiency, not only will you save money, but it will keep you and your family safe and warm during the cold months.


If you have a chimney, now is the time to clean it before winter truly sets in. Heavy creosote buildup or other blockages that may have occurred over summer could cause a chimney fire or carbon monoxide to back up into your home. Plus, word has it Old Saint Nick would most appreciate a clean chimney for gift deliveries.

Sump Pump

Have a sump pump? Ensure it's in good working order before our wet winter weather hits. This can help prevent thousands of dollars in damage to the foundation of your home.

Gutters and Drains

Now that all the leaves have fallen off the trees, it's clean-up time! Declutter your gutters and drains and any other draining systems you have to prevent blockages that can cause water to collect against the roof and damage it.

Inspect Your Roof/ Moss Removal

Periodic inspections of your roof and doing maintenance and repairs as needed is critical to upholding its life expectancy. Regular maintenance includes:

  • Reapplying sealant/caulking
  • Replacing damaged shingles
  • Moss removal

Not sure what to look for when it comes to inspecting your roof? Call a construction company that is well versed in roofing, and they will usually do an inspection for next to nothing.

Doors and Windows

Doing a quick yet straightforward energy audit on your windows and doors can keep your home's temperature more comfortable and consistent during the winter months. Here are a few things to check for in your audit:

  • Check all weatherstripping for tears or cracking.
  • Check window caulking for any deterioration.
  • Check for leaks and cracks in the glass, this includes condensation between the panes.
  • Check hardware and ensure windows and doors open and close smoothly.
  • Inspect the frame. and check for any warping or water damage.

If you see any signs of rot, warping, or mold growth, get repairs done as soon as possible or consider replacing your windows or doors if they are old and inefficient.

Seasonal inspections keep you in tune with what’s going on with your home and helps you get a head start on planning and saving for any big home improvement projects that may be coming down the line. By weatherproofing and performing preventative maintenance, you can protect your home from disaster and ensure your family has a warm, safe winter. If you find yourself in need of an experienced contractor, the Verum Team is here to help.