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Making Your Vision Reality – Starting With 3D Renderings

Verum Construction is set on making our clients dreams come true when it comes to their homes. Your home is your happy place and when you need a change to make it match your needs – we are there 100%!

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When you want to expand your living space or create something new from scratch, you may not know what step to take first. The initial step is trying to figure out how to get your idea out of your mind and into the mind of the people who are going to create it. How do you make sure that the image you describe matches the image the builder has in mind?

That is one of the biggest challenges when tackling home renovations or add-ons. We know that trying to recreate the space in your home (and outside your home) can be stressful and draining. We want to make it a smooth and fun process for our clients so that they can really look forward to the end result. One of the ways we do this is by using 3D Renderings during the process.


What Are 3D Renderings?

3D Renderings are not uncommon. In fact, you’ve probably seen them already. They are used in cartoons, magazines, billboards… you might even see them on social media. 3D rendered images are an important component in creating visual content for marketers, advertisers and for Verum Construction.

3D Rendering is the process of turning a 3D model into a 2D image. These images can create an image that looks similar to what might be captured on a camera. When they are done right, they show your physical spaces as if they were brought to life. Essentially immersing homeowners into a reality that does not yet exist.


The 3D Renderings created by Verum Construction allow you to see what you described and/or what we envision before it is physically created. The rendering will provide snap shots from different angles so that you can see the design up close and get a realistic idea of what the finished project will look like. This provides an opportunity for us to provide the best results to our customers. Customers have the ability to view the end project and make adjustments or changes as desired or to accommodate their budget.

3D Renderings are an essential piece of the project in ensuring the best outcome and to make sure that our clients vision is brought to life fully. For clients who already have project plans created by another designer, 3D renderings are not required to complete a project. Otherwise, the 3D rendering is a crucial and necessary part of the process.


Any homeowner deserves the security of knowing that the builders they are working with have taken the time to truly know what their customers want and how to meet their dreams. Verum Construction uses 3D renderings to ensure that our clients are going to be more than satisfied with the end result.