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4 Living Space Renovation Ideas On A Budget

Why do we renovate rooms in our homes? Whether it is the living room, bedroom, or bathroom, we want the room to fulfill a purpose. Sometimes we want to add aesthetic value – according to Home Advisor aesthetics is the primary reason we renovate living rooms. Our end game is to make a room more enjoyable. But, before money is poured into certain parts of the room, there are special considerations that homeowners should take.

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For example,

 making a room more modern or pretty should really take a back seat to the functionality of a room – or other rooms in a home. Otherwise, homeowners might find themselves in a financial strain to update or renovate spaces that really need improvement. Especially if you are working with a budget. If your living spaces have functionality issues and you don’t have the money for a huge renovation – here are a few renovation ideas that can help you improve the look and feel of your living space.


    • Take Down A Wall – Open up your space a bit by taking down a wall. There are a lot of great ways to open a space up and make it feel vibrant without having to increase your spend. This tactic is not always going to be the best solution or the right one. Sometimes removing a wall could cost upwards of $10,000. But if the wall is something like a partition between rooms, it can be done more easily and without a high cost.


    • Add Windows – If you don’t want to remove an entire wall, consider adding windows to a room that is less than vibrant or seemingly small. A window could add enough light and air that your room could take on a whole new look and feel.
    • Update The Flooring – Changing the flooring in any room is going to give the room a drastic new look. You can replace carpeted areas with a beautiful wood floor or take out old laminate and add in natural stone! Updating the flooring is a great way to enhance your living space and make your home feel newer and more lively.


    • Update The Molding – Old molding can dampen the feel of a room. Molding often is chipped and dirty – even stained – and can easily persuade the energy in a room. Until you see it in action, you have no idea how new molding can improve the quality of a particular area. Want to know more molding and trim updates? Verum Construction provides quality craftsmanship that goes beyond “trendy”.

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If you are looking for a change but also working with a budget, Verum Construction in Seattle Washington can help you determine the best updates for your living spaces and help you implement them quickly and safely. We are committed to providing the highest quality of care and craftsmanship to our customers and to the Seattle community. If you want to change a space in your home but aren't sure where to start - or if you know EXACTLY what you want - Verum Construction is ready to help you make your new living space a reality!