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We have all found ourselves in unique circumstances this year and we're here to help you make the most of it! With many across the greater Seattle area working from home, there is an increasing number of families finding they need to reevaluate their current needs and home space. For many this means a new home office: indoors or out!   

home office remodel

For some, parents are working from home, toddlers are no longer in in-person daycare or preschool, school aged children are distance learning, and the college kids have retreated to their bedrooms for a makeshift dorm. For others, perhaps two adults are working from home and space is limited. Who gets the kitchen today? Who will work from the couch? Through this, we're all doing our best to learn, grow and make it work. There is significant importance in creating a healthy balance of work and family life. For some, the answer to this has been transforming outdoor space and creating a home office, school room, gym or outdoor living space in your own backyard! 


We want to share this helpful article from The Seattle Times, see the link below to learn more about transforming your outdoor space:


Whatever your situation is, we are here to help and provide insight and solutions to fit your needs and wishes. Verum Construction specializes in exterior living spaces of all types. Let's talk today

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