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The Benefits of an Outdoor Fireplace

Are you looking to make your outdoor living space more inviting? A luxury outdoor fireplace is the perfect addition. Not only does it create a warm and inviting space to relax, but it also adds value to your home, extends your patio season, and creates the perfect spot to entertain guests. Here are five benefits to adding a fireplace to your outdoor living space this year.


Create a Warm and Cozy Atmosphere

Aside from pools, outdoor fireplaces are the second most sought-after outdoor living feature, and for a good reason. Nothing is as comforting and relaxing as unwinding in front of a warm crackling fire in the patio hearth as the evening turns to night. Whether you are gathered around with friends, having a romantic night in, or spending quality time with family (don’t forget the smores), the ambiance a fireplace creates is unmatched. Extend the level of comfort and enjoyment you’ve worked so hard to achieve indoors to your outdoor living space with a luxury fireplace.

Outdoor Entertaining Space

Want to create a spot your guests instantly gravitate towards? That's easy - an outdoor fireplace is the answer. Outdoor fireplaces naturally invite guests outside and create an informal, cozy place to gather. We inherently know that sitting by the fire with friends and family promotes conversation, connection and livens up the atmosphere - it can't get much better than that on a cool PNW evening!

Modern Outdoor Living Area

Extend Your Patio Season

Are you looking for ways to spend more time outside? Extend your outdoor season with the natural warmth and companionship of an outdoor fireplace and a covered patio. Whether you choose to go with a wood-burning fireplace, natural gas, or propane, they all promise to keep you cozy and comfortable. There are an abundance of style options as well, from the traditional fireplace to a fire table to a luxury chiminea, there is guaranteed to be an outdoor fireplace out there that will fit your needs and your backyard layout.

Outdoor Cooking Options

If you like to cook be sure to make your fireplace multi-purpose and incorporate cooking features. Whether you enjoy fire roasted pizzas, grilling dinner, or roasting marshmallows, enjoy your food fireside in the comfort of your yard.


Increased Resale Value

While you may not be thinking of selling your home, here is something to keep in mind when considering the addition of a fireplace to your outdoor living space. A well-designed and maintained outdoor space with an outdoor fireplace can increase the value of your home by as much as 20%. With that kind of return on your investment and the overall enjoyment it brings, you can't go wrong with an outdoor fireplace.

Ready to begin planning and extending your outdoor living space? Contact us today to get started. Let’s build an outdoor space you and your family can enjoy today and tomorrow.