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Bellevue Kitchen & Bathroom Remodel

Bellevue, WA

Experience the remarkable transformation of this Bellevue, WA, kitchen and bathroom remodel:

The bathroom underwent an incredible upgrade, using a portion of a closet to feature a spacious white soaking tub adorned with gold fixtures and windows that frame nature's beauty, elevating relaxation to new heights. A contemporary white and grey marbled walk-in shower, accented with gold fixtures, harmonizes the space. To complete the spa-like ambiance, a custom sauna was thoughtfully integrated. Imagine unwinding in this luxurious bathroom sanctuary after a long day.

In the kitchen, the epicenter of the home, a complete renovation was done to create a more inviting ambiance and a wall was removed to create a more open concept. Large, fixed glass picture windows were installed, infusing the space with natural light and connecting it to the outdoors. A comprehensive transformation followed, encompassing every facet - expansive white cabinet storage solutions, a striking black accent wall, pristine white marble countertops, and gold cabinet fixtures. A spacious kitchen island emerged as the focal point, beautifully merging modern design with nature-inspired elements, culminating in a harmonious and inviting space. Now, this is a space you would want to spend more time in.