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About Verum

Every successful business has a “how we started” story. Ours began on a wooded property right here in Washington. Fortunately, our parents allowed us to explore at will (once our chores were done that is). Eventually, we gravitated to building whatever caught our imagination. Before long, we built enough tree forts, bike jumps, and ramps to thin the forest on our parent’s property. Once, we even built a log cabin we could sleep in. Looking back, that was our first major building project!

As a family-owned company with more than 30 years of construction experience, those early days have grown in importance. Over the years, we've learned to appreciate the differences and talents between us. We have come to realize that it’s our shared, creative roots that gave Verum such a solid start. Today, it’s our growing families that drive us forward as they unknowingly push us to do our best each day, stand by our word, and be true to our craft.

We started this company on the principle that we can abundantly serve our customers, employees, and families. When asked just how we implement that, the well known phrase "live your truth" comes to mind. We do our best to live ours every day through the quality of the projects we build and the way we help people achieve their goals. Best of all, we have fun doing it!


So What Does 'Verum' Mean Anyway?

When Verum Construction officially started, choosing the perfect business name was very important to us. We needed a name that would serve as a daily reminder of who we are and what we stand for. Verum, the Latin word for truth, expresses our aspirational goals perfectly. As a family and a company, we are committed to truth: truth when it comes to building, our team, our clients, our actions, and the quality of our craft.

The Verum Team Has a Shared Mission:

Home Improvement Contractor

• To go above and beyond to meet or exceed expectations.

• Transparency – to be honest and straightforward.

• To provide opportunities for our employees to grow and thrive.

• To help people achieve their home improvement goals, and have fun doing it!

Our crew is your crew. When your goal is to have a home that you can be proud of, you need people you can trust on the job. People who infuse their craftsmanship, integrity, and ingenuity into each project to bring families comfort and enjoyment. You need Verum Construction. Meet our crew below.


Dale Loukusa

Lead Estimator

Dale’s skills in building are unparalleled. His passion for truth and integrity that he pours into projects in order to bring families comfort and enjoyment is evident. Dale has found that behind every person is a story of possibilities and victories. These stories connect us, keep us moving forward in life, and bring us to places we never thought possible. He’s got a knack for understanding our clients’ needs and always seems to find a way to cleverly integrate their unique story into each project. The result is an artfully constructed, personalized custom design. It’s Dale’s firm belief that if you have the right team around you, the sky is the limit! When Dale isn’t working, you’ll find him out with his family seeking adventure in our incredible PNW.

Bryce Loukusa

Project Manager

As Verum’s Business Integrator and Project Manager, Bryce does much more than manage projects and timelines. His genuine personality and straight-forward manner cultivate lasting relationships with both our customers and partners. He has an innate understanding of quality craftsmanship and the unique ability to see what a space can be, regardless of what it is now. We rely on him for that as much as our clients do. To be able to artfully and skillfully blend the Pacific Northwest outdoor culture into a project is the ultimate personal touch that our clients appreciate.

With over ten years of experience in the construction industry, he understands the importance of a little downtime. When it comes time to relax and unwind, he turns to his surroundings. With its diversity in landscape, people, and cultures, the PNW is nothing short of inspirational. If he isn't spending time with his growing family, you may find him golfing or fishing.

Brooke – Office Manager at Verum Construction

Brooke Loukusa

Marketing & Office Manager

Brooke Loukusa is our Administrator, Master Organizer, and Chief Fun Officer. Whether she’s running the office on a day-to-day basis, overseeing our marketing, orchestrating another delightful work event or making sure the office plants are thriving, Brooke keeps things rolling.  She is fearless when it comes to tackling even the most daunting project or problem. So it should come as no surprise that her batteries are recharged not by lazy days and couch-filled nights, but by adventure and experiences.

Andy Wittenberg

Field Operations Manager

Andy Wittenberg is our Field Operations Manager. His ability to visualize the finish result a client wants, excellent communication skills and 22 years of industry experience allow him to execute and manage each project's logistics with ease.Nothing brings Andy more satisfaction than seeing a client’s thrilled reaction to the end result of the crew’s hard work. It gives him great pleasure to know that the Verum team was able to help yet another homeowner see their vision become reality.

When it comes to R&R, you’ll often find Andy spending quality time with his wonderful wife and children, putting his hidden talent to work BBQing/smoking a mouthwatering meal, or crafting stunning woodworking projects.


Levi Loukusa

Project Lead

As a job leadman with over 7 years of experience in the construction industry, Levi's positive attitude and passion to build keep each project running smoothly. He enjoys working with his hands and working with others in a team environment. It brings him great satisfaction to see the final product of his team's hard work.  When Levi isn't working, he enjoys spending time outdoors in the beautiful PNW mountains hiking, fishing, snowboarding, and skateboarding.

Thomas Loukusa

Project Superintendent

Thomas has worked in the construction industry for over five years. As a leader, he is passionate about continually learning and growing as a team member. Thomas finds great satisfaction in creating unique projects that bring a client’s dream to life. Outside of the office, you’ll find him studying nature, physics, and history as a hobby. Who knew we had a philomath on our hands?


Peyton Plough


Peyton is a craftsman who brings skill and focus to each and every job he tackles. Always up for the physical and mental challenge the construction industry requires, his dedication makes him a valuable asset to the Verum crew. Peyton truly believes - if you’re not having fun while you work, you’re doing it wrong! When he's not having fun at work you'll find him enjoying activities such as hiking, fishing, hunting, surfing or playing his favorite song on the piano to unwind.