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A Guide to the Design-Build Construction Process

If you've been considering a building or remodeling project you may have heard the term "design-build construction" and it may have left you with more questions than answers. If so, you've come to the right place. At Verum, our design-build process has brought many home improvement projects to life quickly and efficiently. Let's take a look at how it differs from traditional construction, the benefits it offers, and what the design-build process entails.


Design-Build Construction vs. Traditional Construction

Design-Build construction differs from the traditional construction method in several ways. In the traditional approach, the owner hires an architect/designer to design the project and then puts the design out for bid to multiple contractors. The contractor with the best bid is awarded the project and is responsible for the construction. With this method, the owner has multiple contracts and is the middleman between the designer and contractor. It can often lead to potential design errors, communication issues, and delays during construction.


Design-build was previously thought of as an alternative method of construction but is quickly becoming the standard for project delivery. With design-build construction, the owner hires only one entity -the design-build contractor. This contractor manages the whole building project with an architect/designer and sub-contractors as part of their team. This method of construction allows the owner to collaborate with one cohesive construction team under one contract which results in a more efficient process. With the design-build method the risk of miscommunication and errors is greatly reduced and results in faster project delivery, fewer change orders and saves the owner time and money.


Benefits of the Design-Build Process


Better Communication -

One of the primary benefits of the design-build approach is the streamlined communication and collaboration between all parties involved. With a Design-Build project, the owner has a single point of contact for the entire project, which reduces the risk of miscommunication and errors. This transparency amongst the construction team helps not only clear up misunderstandings but helps avoid the blame-shifting and mistake-making that can prove enormously costly down the road. It puts everyone on the same page and gives all the opportunity get what they need to deliver the project as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Saves Time & Money -

In traditional construction, a great deal of time is spent on the bidding process and managing multiple contracts. With design-build, there is typically no bidding process, and with only one contract, the process is significantly streamlined. This efficiency results in fewer change orders and a more concise construction schedule, saving the owner time and money. 

Verum’s Design Build Process


  1. Contact Us: Fill out your contact information on our Contact Us page so we can add you to our system.


  1. Schedule a Consultation: We will reach out with an initial phone call, then schedule a consultation at your home to learn about you and your project. We will discuss your priorities, timeline, options, and budget ranges during this meeting.


  1. Pre-Construction: If we mutually agree that we are a good fit, we will suggest a 3D Rendering to ensure we have captured the vision of your project. This service will allow us to go through design, define a scope, and create a proposal for your project.


  1. Construction: When you have received your proposal and agree to it, we will assign you a Construction Supervisor. After a meeting with you and the pre-construction team, the Construction Supervisor will begin scheduling subcontractors, material purchasing, and more. Now, we’ll turn dreams into reality.


  1. Final Walk-Through: Together, we’ll do one final walkthrough and make sure everything is to your satisfaction. We’ll present you with the owner’s information and warranty.



Finding a trusted design-build, home improvement contractor who can bring your unique ideas to life can be difficult. We know how frustrating this can be and have worked hard to change it. Our high standards of excellence, quality craftsmanship, and exceptional customer service make your Verum home improvement experience enjoyable and headache-free. Best of all, our relationship doesn’t end when the project is done. We’ll be here for years to come should you have questions or further home upgrade needs. Ready to get started? Contact Us Today!