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4 Ways You Can Extend Your Outdoor Living Space This Year

Outdoor living spaces aren't just trendy in 2021 - they are an absolute essential after struggling through the pandemic. Spring/Summer is the perfect time to consider extending your outdoor living space and giving your yard a unique touch of comfy, cozy, and social. 


You might already know that you want to extend your outdoor living area but just aren't quite sure what to do. That's okay - Verum Construction in Monroe, Washington's luxury home improvement company and we have plenty of experience creating new outdoor spaces that are both inviting and comfortable.


4 Ways You Can Extend Your Outdoor Living Space This Year


Add An Outdoor Kitchen That Will Keep Friends & Family Coming Back All Summer

Have you had it with your smaller grills? Do you want to host a larger get-together and have the option of catering the party yourself or inviting a chef in to do the cooking? We can help you create the perfect outdoor kitchen area that will meet all of your needs and then some. Include an outdoor bar, a sink, a refrigerator - make the entire area available for cooking more than steaks and hamburgers. The outdoor kitchen of your dreams is so close to being a reality - you just need to make it happen! 


Outdoor Social Area

When you want to encourage your friends and family to spend more time outside in the fresh air, open outdoor social areas can be the ultimate solution. These areas will draw people outside to gather and socialize with comfy chairs and a nice view - top it off with a uniquely designed fire pit and a small outdoor fridge...maybe even a pool table, and you have the ultimate "social spot" to enjoy. 


Pool House

Do you host a lot of pool parties? Maybe extended family visits during the spring/summer months and spend a lot of time lounging around the pool. Wouldn't it be amazing to have a nearby pool house where they can change clothes, apply sunscreen, and store pool accessories and towels? No more running inside and back out because someone has forgotten something inside - everything can be housed in a central area right by the pool. 


Outdoor Movie Theater

The ultimate outdoor movie theater might combine nature's beautiful scenery with the ambiance of indoor lighting fixtures, inflatable mattresses topped with sheets and luxurious knit blankets, and a portable popcorn machine.  Include some extra comfy outdoor chairs and some potted plants and you have a combined central location for entertaining! 


Verum Construction In Monroe Washington - Experts In Extending Outdoor Living Spaces

Your extended outdoor living space is not far from reality. If you have an idea in mind, we can bring it to life. If you aren't quite sure what you want to do with your space - we have ideas and suggestions that can help you decide. Whatever you want to do, Verum Construction has the talent, experience, and skill to make it come true. Don't put it off any longer - we are waiting to help you designed the outdoor space of a lifetime! Call today!