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4 Essential Elements to Include in Your Laundry Room Remodel

Ready to increase your comfort and maximize the enjoyment of your time spent doing laundry? We get it! A laundry room is much more than a space for a washer and dryer, it's a space that requires a practical layout and efficient design. Customizing the function of your laundry room for your everyday needs is what we do best. However, the endless options can be overwhelming, so we've compiled the top four elements a laundry room must have, so you can start planning your functional, efficient, and stress-free laundry room today. 


Evaluate Your Needs

The first step in any remodeling project is to evaluate your needs. What do you use your laundry room for? How much space do you have to work with? What is your budget? Can you remodel the current laundry space, or will your home require an addition? Once you have answers to these questions, you'll be able to start planning the details and design of your laundry room renovation.

Determine the Layout

Functionality and efficiency are essential when it comes to designing your laundry room. More often than not, people assume they need a large space to have the perfect laundry room, but this isn't always true. Some of the most efficient laundry rooms are on the small end. So whether your space is large or small, consider the following four elements in your laundry room layout to ensure your remodel is a success.

  1. Choose the Right Appliances: The appliances are among the most critical aspects of any laundry room. Whether you choose a stackable washer and dryer or choose units that go side by side – make sure they are placed directly in front of the utility hookups, so there is no wasted space.
  2. Storage Space Solutions: Lack of storage space is a recurring problem in most laundry rooms, and more often than not, the top of the washer and dryer end up collecting a mismatch of "stuff." We recommend installing custom storage solutions to help keep your laundry room clean and tidy. From open shelving and cabinets to baskets and cubbies, custom storage solutions can be tailored to fit your laundry room layout and personal needs.
  3. Work Surfaces: Add a countertop or free-standing table to your laundry room design. This clean, flat work surface can provide an ideal area to spot-treat stains on clothing, fold and stack laundry, and set detergents and laundry baskets. 
  4. Utility Sink: How many times have you wished you had a sink nearby your washer and dryer? From pre soaking clothes to hand-washing, it's an essential element in a laundry room design. Whether you choose a plastic tub or a deep sink installed with the countertop, the conveniences it will be undeniable.

Once you have determined your potential laundry room design layout, it's time to contact an experienced remodeling contractor. At Verum, our goal is to increase your comfort and maximize the enjoyment of your time spent at home (and doing laundry). As Seattle Area's best communicating construction company, you can trust us to bring your unique ideas of the ideal laundry room to life. Contact us today to get started.